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Сhaika 38

The project to support
Ukrainian navy

Civic Hub

Current target

The required amount is 266,000.00 ₴

We are collecting funds for a thermal imager for brave Ukrainian navy, so that they can fight both during the sunlight and in the night!


October 2022


    The “Chaika 38”(“Seagull 38”) campaign was launched after the conversation with navy officer on October 14, 2022; the first text was written in a bomb shelter during the massive shelling of Kyiv on October 17, and launched to the Internet when the electricity finally appeared on October 18.
    The campaign “Chaika 38” (Seagull 38) CONTINUES.

    February 24, 2022 is the date of epochs’ break and the birth of a new Ukraine, when men and women turned into warriors to defend life and freedom. They have been fighting even when there are no means to fight, and one can solely rely on own skills, brothers-in-arms, and even civilian countrymen, for whom the freedom is the cornerstone value.

    It so happened that the Cossacks with their legendary “Chaika” boats reincarnated in Ukrainian navy sailors. “We do have a fleet, really?!” – a question we had heard continuously at the beginning of the campaign. And, this question was not completely unreasonable: “Hetman Sahaidachnyi”, our flagship, was deliberately sunk, and the lion’s share of the military ships was destroyed. In the information technology epoch, the news travel fast, but there are always patriots remaining for whom the bad news serve the guide to action.
      Yes, we have a military fleet – a small one, where every ship and every sailor is worth its weight in gold. They are professionals ready for real feats who, as you read this post, are on combat duty where water is right next to fire and danger, where water is the only barrier for the wild russian horde, and the death which it brings. And yes, our navy need help – equipment that will allow them to hear, see, communicate.
      We already have some successes, you can read about them in reports and see photos.

      After the war, we promise to tell you stories of the navy’s daily exploits.


      NOVEMBER 2022

      FEBRUARY 2023

      Photo reports

      • Tourniquets

      • First aid kit

      • Stove

      • Tablets

        We already have some successes, you can read about them in reports and see photos. We are extremely grateful to those who, in addition to the “Chaika 38” fundraising campaign, provided various assistance to the navy- purchased turnstiles, provided first-aid kits, simple heaters “burzhuiky”, tablet computers, batteries and other stuff.